Lydia Okumura

Exhibition View: "Registry of Experiments with Enclosures", "Registro de Experiências de Recinto" 1971~1977", SESC Vila Nova, São Paulo,1977

Following the graduation from the FAAP Faculty of Arts in São Paulo in 1973,  I was
attending the Pratt Graphic's Center in New York on a student visa since May 1974, when I received the invitation to participate in the International Biennial of São Paulo, in order to represent the Brazilian delegation.

At the Biennial I was given a huge room, in which I created a large installation in front of a black wall
in the back of the room, using suspended pieces of glass, the upper part of the wall showing slits of daylight passing through wooden planks. I drew graphite lines on the gray painted floor, which imitated an wooden floor.

Then I installed large works on paper made in sets of 9 or 6 or 4 sheets of paper, set in wood and plexiglass frames,
on the walls, along both sides of the space. The works on paper and the lithographs depicted images of spatial experiments which had been the subject of my work for some years, in the previous São Paulo Biennials and other art competitions.

In 1977 was awarded one of the ten International São Paulo Biennial Prizes, and the Itamarati
Ministry of Foreign Relations in Brasilia acquired two lithographs, now in their collection.

Taking the opportunity of the stay in São Paulo, I also showed my other graphic works, in a solo exhibition called "Registry of Experiments with Enclosures", or "Registro de Experiências de Recinto" at SESC Vila Nova, in São Paulo.

 "For the Double Image", "Pela dupla imagem", etching/gravura em metal, 13 1/2"x13 1/2", 34cm x 34cm, 1973, São Paulo, Collection: Pinacoteca Museum, São Paulo

 ""Simultaneity I & II", lithograph,"Simultaneidade I & II", lithografia, 1974, Collection: Itamaraty Palace, Brasilia; International Biennial od Fredrikstad, Norway

                                                                                                                                    foto: Roberto Okumura

 "Project I and II", woodcut, xilogravura, 40cm x 38cm; 14 3/4"x 15 3/4", São Paulo, SP, 1973~74

"The Different Dimensions of Reality"-1972- Gariban Monoprint, São Paulo

"Situation"-Silkscreen-1976-New York

This silk-screen image derives from photographs of my part of the installation called "Points of View", a collaborative work with artists Genilson Soares and Francisco Inarra, at the International Biennial of São Paulo, in 1973.

We were awarded the Secretaria da Cultura, Esportes e Turismo of São Paulo. It yielded an invitation from Ms. Clara Diement de Sujo of the Studio Actual Gallery in Caracas, in Venezuela to repeat the experiment, which we did in 1975.

"Appearance"-Silkscreen-1976-New York

"Fonte Luminosa"-acquatint-1986-New York

"Metamorfose da Razão"-silkscreen-1981-New York